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A Month in Review - January

At the end of one year and the beginning of the next, I try to set aside some time to reflect on the year past and to dream for the year to come. I definitely set goals. Except this year, I decided to call them aims. There is something more cheerful and airy about the word "aim". As an addition to my aiming, I want to begin evaluating and recalibrating as needed at the end of each month. These posts, "A Month in Review", will be a part of that process!


The best part of January was most decidedly our ski trip. Robert and I travelled to Vail, Colorado for five days and experienced the thrill of skiing on 25 inches of fresh snow! For the first time since my childhood, I spent a couple of days with a wonderful ski school instructor named Jim, who taught me a few female-oriented techniques that made the more difficult runs attainable and even fun!


The worst part of January does not deserve much space or acknowledgement but it affected me more than I would like to admit. I caught the flu. THE FLU! I probably hadn't had the flu since I was in elementary school. Four days on the couch, three boxes of tissues, and a pot of my mom's chicken and rice soup mostly returned me to the status of a human being.


Last year I finished what I am now calling my "three year Bible reading plan with a nine month break to study the book of Romans." It was the first time I had ever read the entire Bible. I learned much and grew in my understanding of the Bible by leaps and bounds. This year, I am aiming to read the Bible along with my church. My church uses a Bible reading method called REAP (Read, Examine, Apply, Pray) combined with a reading plan by Robert Murray M'Cheyne. This is the first time I have ever started February still tracking with a Bible reading plan! I have discovered how much of our Sunday service content corresponds with what the church is reading. It is refreshing to hear how God spoke to others differently through the same passages that I read and to spend time reflecting on the what God taught me in the past week through time in His word.


I decided to drop as much sugar as possible for the month of January. I intended for this to mean that I would drop all baked goods, sodas, and excessive sugary foods, but I would NOT cut the sugar out of my tea. While I did not have the success I expected, (mostly because of the flu), I found that at the end of the month I was able to recall every sugary splurge I allowed. This, my friends, was progress! I think I will continue this trend into February.... 

January was unusual this year, but definitely overall a good month to record! How was your January? Are there any goals that you need to reconsider? 

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