Hi! I’m Rebecca, lover of Jesus, my hubby, good hot tea and great conversations! I claim a little town in western North Carolina as my home, but Texas has stolen my country-girl heart. 


Witty Inaugural Blog Post

I know, I know, my title just grabs attention and is intriguing and coy and excites interest in the rest of what I have to say! As my husband, friends, and teachers will tell you, I have a tendency to skip over the basics. I will leave out the foundational details of an idea or thought or story because I have the assumption that my listener or reader already knows or understands what I am talking about. I have discovered the difficult way that this is simply not so.


I would like to believe that everyone reading this blog post is thinking, "Of course Rebecca is starting a blog. Why wouldn't she?" But not everyone knows that I have dreamed of writing a blog for the last fourteen years or that I often stay up until the wee hours of the morning sharing my grandest thoughts with my bathroom mirror. 

About five months ago when I finally decided that I was going to write a blog and purchased a domain name as my motivator, I began searching Pinterest for suggestions. The number one thing I discovered, is that everyone thinks that a blog must have a defined purpose, and that it should be shared with your readers from the beginning. As you already know, I am not a huge sharer of the basics so this made me twitch just a little bit.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I did not want to have a blog about cooking or theology or fashion or organizing or reading. No, I would like to write about it all. My brain does not dwell on one subject more than another, they are all constantly intertwined, like the much overused example of a big lump of cooked spaghetti noodles. So instead of starting a cooking or theology or fashion or organizing or reading blog, I am starting a lifestyle blog. I know that some are thinking that a lifestyle blog means that I might share all of my thoughts and details of my life with the world wide web but my readers will quickly learn that I am a private person. I share thoughts and stories and details from my life as they enhance an overall point or help others in some way.

I have found that it is indeed possible to walk the fine line of being involved in the social media world and yet to still maintain valuable and real relationships with real people standing in front of me. These real relationships are where I should be my most vulnerable, most loving, and truest self. However out of these relationships, there is an overflow of love, grace, knowledge, experiences, and thoughts that can be shared with a broader network of family, friends, and acquaintances. That is what I hope to accomplish here, and I hope you will join me for this journey. 

With Love, 

Rebecca Lynn

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