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$3 That Continue to Save the Day

One day I was sitting on the couch with my hubby and I lost an earring back to the recesses of the couch. Somehow or another, I was down to TWO earring backs for about six pairs of studs. Knowing that I was out of options and HAD to find that earring back, I whined out loud "I wish I could purchase earring backs by themselves!" My ever-researching husband whipped out his phone and subsequently ever-reliable Amazon app and said, "you can get a whole bag of them for three dollars." Needles to say, we one click purchased those babies.

Let me tell you the ways those three dollars have saved the days:

My husband, Robert, gave me a pair of designer earrings that had super-secure backs on them. They were so well fastened, he had to take them off for me. Have you ever had someone else take your earrings off?! It's a terrifying experience! I replaced those backs with the cheaper ones and now wear my earrings fear free!

A friend mailed me a gorgeous pair of jeweled earrings that were somehow slightly crushed in the mail. Robert saved the day once again and applied pliers to the earrings, broke off the backs, and straightened the studs. Then I supplied new backs and they were good as new. I wear them at least five times a week!

Now besides these major affairs, are the many many small moments - where I am picking out earrings as an after thought on my way out the door and to my dismay, the back slips out of my fingers and bounces on the rug and out of sight under our dresser. Y'all don't need me to even tell you that in those moments I don't waste time on my hands and knees with a flashlight!

I keep all of my extra earring backs in my jewelry box right beside my earrings for easy access. You can too!

Do you have any cheap solutions to the most frustrating problems? I'd love to hear about them! 

A Day of Quiet

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