Hi! I’m Rebecca, lover of Jesus, my hubby, good hot tea and great conversations! I claim a little town in western North Carolina as my home, but Texas has stolen my country-girl heart. 


On Tweaking Life and the Blog

I talk a lot about loving the small things, fresh flowers, a cup of tea, a good book, a mental snapshot of a lovely evening with my husband that I want to treasure forever. In the same way that small moments fuel living, big dreams, and wide smiles, small changes can have a significant impact on every day living. I call these small changes and fine tunings "tweaks." I am constantly reimagining things and wondering how I could make them better. I view the world through a lens that asks, "What are solutions that could save me time in one area so that I can have more time for another?"  


 If you follow the books I read, you know that I read a number of books in the categories of time management, organizing, and habits. I think that fine tuning is an innate art as well as a learned skill. I believe that people who are able to evaluate their lives and make small changes for big improvements are more successful. These people are also influential. They change families, education, companies, countries, economies, and sometimes even the world as we know it. So friends, I tweak. All the time. I have also never realized what a strange word "tweak" is until after typing it four times. Anyway. Here are some examples of ways that I have made small changes with hopes that they will have big impacts:

After we lived in our apartment for two years, I rearranged the entire kitchen to make unloading the dishwasher easier and to minimize my husband and I running into each other in our morning sleepy states as he started his espresso and I put on the kettle. My best friend still struggles to find our water glasses after this change, but I'm happy to announce that making a hot beverage has never been easier and I'm pretty sure I cut my time spent unloading the dishwasher in half. Around the same time, we also moved our couch from facing the TV to facing our outdoor view. That couch is staying put forever because we still talk often about how much we love its new location. 

I prefer using a weekly page and a daily page in my bullet journal instead of a monthly page and a daily page. That took ages to figure out. Last month we were dangerously close to maxing out on our phone data so I downloaded my current favorite Spotify music to my phone so that I will stop streaming it. 

Are these huge changes that affect anyone else's life other than my family's? Not really, but they are significant to me and I use those success stories as a motivation to ponder other potential changes. Here's one that relates to you and I am excited to share! I have decided that I want to spend more time writing and less time focusing on pictures. Y'all may have noticed that I am not a photographer! haha! I've changed the structure of the blog to reflect a focus on writing and I hope you'll love it! Content should be easier to find because I have added categories in my navigations and on my posts. There are also now related posts at the bottom of each page! I don't plan on making tweaks like this very often, but this one seemed necessary.

Thanks for reading and joining me on this fun journey of writing! I would love to hear about your successful tweaks!



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