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Favorite Things - July 2016

I never intended to take a summer break from blogging. It just happened. I was halfway through the month of July before I realized I hadn't posted a thing since June, and then it was a week and a half after that, when I formally decided that I was taking a summer break. There's a part of me that feels like July kidnapped me and there was no coming back, and then there's another part of me that feels like a jumped headfirst into the warm ocean waters of July and let them carry me away. I think I've finally concluded that I enjoyed the month and the break was good for me. As I'm jumping back in, I want to share parts of my July with you!



I spent most of the month really focusing on eating more healthily. I don't think I ever realized how much energy this requires! Every minute has been worth it, I think more carefully about what I am going to eat for each meal, I ration my carbs, my energy is skyrocketing, I sleep better, and my workouts have never felt more fueled! I spent some time this past weekend scouring Pinterest for some new ways to cook veggies and eggs. I've overused all my concoctions already. If any of them are good, I will share with you. In the midst of all of this healthy eating, I have also indulged a little bit and made two delicious yummy summer fruit pies! I made both of them on nights when tons of people were coming over and I knew I wouldn't get stuck with tempting leftovers. This is the first blueberry pie I've ever made and also my first lattice crust! I have been so proud of it!


In this month of rest, I have loved throwing random thoughts on Twitter. Follow me using the handle @rebeccalmccoy.


This month has held much internal turmoil for our country as fellow citizens and image bearers of God have been killed. I've spent a chunk of time pondering and praying about my personal silence on and distance from this issue. My heart has grieved that image bearers of God and citizens of America feel unjustly treated and fear for their lives. I have felt compelled by the Gospel to respond with compassion and love to those who do not share my skin tone and those who give their lives to keep us safe. I've spent time this month listening to people who have backgrounds that are different than mine and trying to truly understand how I can have a Gospel view on this situation. 

Here are some great resources if you're interested in learning more: 

Russell Moore on "What Shootings and Racial Justice Mean for the Body of Christ"

IF:Gathering - A Unity Conversation

People to follow on Twitter: @JawnO, @BAbridgebuilder, @Leoncecrump


I love seeing groups of kids out walking together in the evenings and playing the game. It makes me smile, every single time, and I love hearing what the kids have caught! I do not love seeing grown adults playing while driving. I have not played and have no plans to do so. Oh, I also love Chuy's Pokemon Go t-shirts.... they are so creative! 


I have had some great community over the course of my life. But right now, y'all, my peeps are awesome. I get excited about everything friend related- babies, new jobs, new houses, travels, returning from travels, coffee together, moving to Austin, connecting friends. Women taking over my kitchen, our community group talking about speaking the Gospel into each other's lives. This month we have celebrated birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, foster care placements. I have loved sitting around tables and talking about marriage and singleness, identity at work, conferences, vacations, and so much more. As I've spent all of this time with all of these people, I've been amazed at the energy that God has continued to provide so that I can love people well. I've also been learning to listen differently and to speak into people's lives in new ways. This is something I hope to be able to share more about with you later. 


I am either reading these books right now or waiting to get to them! I will post soon about the books I read in June and July!


If you like listening to audiobooks, this Podcast episode is a must! Blogger and podcaster, Anne Bogel, interviews Adam Verner, an audiobook reader! I loved learning more about the job of recording audiobooks!


In the last few years, I have gotten to know and love some amazing single women. Women who throw themselves into their profession, community, mission, church, loving others and honestly, loving me. This great article on single women needing married women should encourage and challenge every woman regardless of her marital status. 

Since I've been married, I've been surprised by how many women have expressed that the way I live my life causes them to feel guilty about the way they live theirs. This article expressed my feelings on the issue very well. If I've ever made you feel that way or there are people whose lifestyle makes you feel guilty, take five minutes to read this. 

I eagerly await every post from the blog, Grace Table, and create time in my day and space in my mind to consume their beautifully written and thoughtfully worded posts. I identified well with this one on seasons of loving hospitality and dreading it and my guess is that many of you who open your home often will relate as well.

This satire on loading the dishwasher cracked me up. 


I have watched many sunsets from this pool view this summer, and I hope to catch many more with the remaining three months of summer that Texas has left!

I would love to hear how your July was and what some of your Favorite things are now!

Thanks for reading, thanks for being here, thanks for being a part of my community. 



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