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Monthly Meal Planning Printable

Happy Labor Day! I hope that each of you is having a fabulous weekend relaxing with family and friends! I've been on a twelve day trip - details of which I will share later this week. 

If you're anything like me, your day today will have some element of planning for the week and month ahead. One of the things I always do when planning for the month ahead is jot out what I want my meal schedule to look like and I have found it to be surprisingly helpful.  I am sharing this Monthly Meal Planning Printable with you in hopes that it will make life a bit easier for you too! This is a rough sketch for the month and can sometimes be prone to changing, but it is super helpful when the weekends move quickly and I need to make a quick grocery run. This format helps me not repeat the same meals three times in a month and gives me a little bit of a framework. I talk briefly about how to choose recipes in this former post

I try to incorporate a new meal each week to keep us out of a rut. It can be as simple as a new quesadilla or grilled cheese recipe and as complex as a new casserole or meat. Taking a few minutes to glance at my calendar when meal planning reminds me to plan easy meals on busy weeks, account for one of us being out of town, and to plan for any events that require bringing food. 

I hope you enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions about how I implement this!

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