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Extended Labor Day Vacation Recap

In my last post, I mentioned that Robert and I had the opportunity to take a twelve day vacation over Labor Day. The last time we took a vacation was our Boston trip in March. This was very much needed! 

We had two friends (unintentionally) schedule their weddings on back to back weekends in North Carolina. We certainly didn't complain about that! Our trip included two weddings, the mountains and the beach, three states, three hotel rooms, a Home Away condo, my in law's, immediate and extended family from both sides of the family and some time to ourselves. Needless to say, I packed lots.

I've always been known as the bag lady - I earned that nickname at some point in my childhood. Obviously, for this trip there was much to pack for, and once I was in the car and on the way to the airport, I realized that my three bags were/contained: two rollers, a hanging bag, a duffel bag, a tote, cross body, two clutches, four make up bags (not all carrying make up) and four jewelry bags (to keep everything detangled), for a grand total of SIXTEEEN bags. I still don't know how I earned my nickname. ;) I also packed nine pairs of shoes and eight dresses in the name of being prepared and with the idea of having choices. When I checked my bags and my big roller weighed in at 49.5, the lady at the counter asked if I had packed all of my shoes... of course I told her that I hadn't! I did, however, list off our itinerary and tell her about my nine pairs of shoes. She cheered me on for packing well. It was almost the highlight of the day! 

I love to take selfies. I mostly snap them and text them to friends and family along with some comment about what I'm currently doing. On this trip, we occasionally received texts from friends checking in. Of course, we couldn't help but send these selfies back! 

The weddings were both wonderful. It was great to catch up with old friends and to make some new ones!

The McCoys and The Sears!

The McCoys and The Sears!

The gorgeous Bride and I!

The gorgeous Bride and I!

I love the way the beach is mesmerizing. The vastness of the water and the sand and the steady rhythm of the tide both contribute to that, I believe.

The hubster and I rest very differently! This might be the best picture I have ever taken to define that!

I tried a new up-do and I think I am in love! It is so simple! (Yes, yes, it's a bun!)


The highlight of my trip was most definitely my unexpected visit with my sister! We ended up being an hour away from each other at one point during our trip and got to spend a couple of hours catching up! It was pure bliss! No one can make me laugh quite like she can with a simple wrinkle of her nose and twinkle of the eye as she starts relating some story or memory. She often has me laughing simply with anticipation of what she's about to say! 


The lovely mountains are like a beautiful, mysterious, unpredictable woman. You never know what they will be like when you wake up each day. 


A little Robert Frost, anyone? "The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep."

I always try to bring a puzzle on trips and this one was missing a piece! I eventually found it after I had dismantled the puzzle, of course. 

My favorite pancake place got a new sign. Because 75 years, obviously. And thus, the picture. 

The other highlight of my trip was simply spending time with this guy! I love getting away from everything and just enjoying time together! 


We stopped by my favorite local orchard and bakery on the last day of our trip! The flaky, buttery, apple turnovers are too decadent to postpone enjoying! Per my family tradition, we consumed one at the picnic table immediately after purchasing! We also packed an apple cake and some apple butter in our suitcases to savor once we arrived at home! 

Here I am, back at normal life! 

Have you taken any spectacular trips this summer? I would love to hear about them!

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