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Snacks that Make a Difference

I talk about food all the time. I talk about it while planning meals with my community group, discussing preferences with my husband, and sharing ideas with friends. I probably talk about food 5-10 times a day. It's a lot! I know!


One of my best friends often says "food is a crisis that happens three times a day." She's so right. She and I chat about food at least every time we see each other. We are working women with handsome hungry husbands. Food is a problem, there must be solutions! 

How many of you look up at 2:00 and realize you're grumpy, moody, tired, and fiercely frustrated with whatever you are doing because you forgot to eat lunch? It happens to me often. My husband and I sometimes even take a time out during arguments so that we can eat, and then find we don't remember what we were arguing about once we have consumed our food. Perhaps you've glanced at your credit card bill at the end of the month, wondered where all the money went, and realized it went to eating out. I've been there too. 

 With all of this talking about food, I've figured out a few snacks that temper my emotions, protect my wallet, and keep life moving. These may not be your favorite snacks, but I am hoping that they help you think through your own food-crisis solutions!

At Work: 

Tea with Milk - I love hot tea. With passion. I mostly drink black tea with milk. I stash several types of tea at my desk and I also purchase a tiny $1 bottle of milk each week to keep in the fridge at work. This keeps me from making an emergency Starbucks run or from having a meltdown because I simply need a little caffeine. 

Chocolate - I'm not a candy person, but do I ever love chocolate! I keep a bar of dark chocolate in my desk at all times. I (almost) never eat more than two squares in a day, and chocolate is the best snack to munch on around 2 PM with my tea. It's also way healthier than the cookies and doughnuts that so frequently get left in the kitchen. I often find myself avoiding those treats because I would rather eat my chocolate later on in the day!

Fruit - Apples and bananas are my reliable work fruit because they are the easiest to transport and the least messy to consume while simultaneously typing on my keyboard. However, I am here to tell you that sticky apple fingers ARE a thing. 

Peanut Butter - Peanut Butter is not only a hiccup cure, but it also goes well with both chocolate and fruit. If I'm running late in the morning, I toast bread at home or at the office and add peanut butter at my desk while I'm waiting on my computer to reboot. Peanut butter can be added to office oatmeal or smeared on a cookie from the kitchen. It's basically the workhorse of my office snacks! 

Granola Bars - Sometimes the hubby has an emergency at work that requires him to work through lunch time or jump into an unexpected meeting. We keep granola bars around so that he can maintain a stock in his desk and backpack. We've discovered that this helps him avoid headaches and helps him stay on his feet until he can stop and grab food. 

In the Car: 


I keep nuts in the car. Both literal and figurative. Just kidding. The type rotates depending on my mood and what I have in my kitchen, but this little container stays filled. A handful of nuts keeps me from rushing through the Chikfila drive thru while running Saturday errands, and helps me avoid grazing the entire kitchen when I walk into the house after a long commute. They've been a life saver when I've over scheduled my day, and many friends frequently take advantage of them as well!


In my Kitchen: 

Cheese and Crackers - My husband has a favorite kind of cheese that is always in my fridge. If I'm leaving work late or running behind on dinner, I let him know that dinner will be late and there are cheese and crackers to munch on! Staying ahead of the discussion and being prepared for the inevitable scheduling flukes keeps us BOTH amenable when dinner time is delayed. 

Fruit - I try to keep multiple kinds of fruit around my kitchen. Apples, bananas, peaches, berries, pears; whatever is in season. Fruit is a dish-free, crumb-free, time-free snack that is healthy, easy to prepare, and usually well received. I can offer it to spontaneous guests, and it's always readily available and healthy! 

Cereal - It's just in my cabinet. 2 PM. 2 AM. 5 PM. When neither of us wants to cook. When friends walk in the door starving. What could be better? 


Here's to continuing to talk about food and solving the food crises one snack at a time!

What snacks make a difference in your day to day? I'd love some new ideas!

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