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Each month as I read what friends are reading, what my personal favs are writing, and what random influencers around the world are saying, I think about what I want to share with you here. These are the articles that brought tears to my eyes, made me want to cheer like a fan whose team just scored a touchdown, or left me pondering my life and desiring change. I hope you enjoy!


This article by blogger, Lori Brown Harris, keeps popping back into my mind. I want to deny that the things she talks about don't happen in 21st Century America. I want to believe the best in everyone. I want to believe we are long long past this type of thing occurring. But we aren't. And the experiences of people that i love and respect or whose words I read on a weekly basis are hard to ignore. 

Whether your marriage is Amazing, Good, Bad, or Ugly, this post by Beth Moore about her marriage is an encouragement.

Miss Mustard Seed is starting a series on Decorating on a Budget! Check it out!

This is my favorite response to the Women's March. It packs quite a punch and I loved the logic behind the author's writing. 

Ed Stetzer has some great thoughts about sharing the Gospel with those over the age of forty versus those under the age of forty. Not everyone fits into an either-or camp, but I do see a lot of these correlations in my own engagement with people.

Last but not least, here is this Grace Table post on throwing a winter party. Because Valentine's Day is just around the corner!!

Have a great weekend, friends!



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