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A Simple Craft for your Weekend

Do you ever hit the weekend and wish you could pick the perfect project or task to accomplish that would make you feel slightly productive  but not like a drained over achiever by Sunday night? I sure do! This weekend, I will be making Valentine's cards because I still give away Valentine's cards like a glitter-loving ten year old.

Every year, I simply become giddy around Valentine's day.  Something about the pinks and reds and purples in the dull of winter, combined with a reason to celebrate right after I've overcome the Christmas fatigue, makes me gushy about this holiday.  Valentines are the yearly card that I send out and sometimes even become my Christmas Thank You cards. I joke that one year, I am going to send out a Valentine's photo card to everyone we know, even though that would make it seem like I can't get my Christmas cards out in time for Christmas (which would also be true).


I can't wait to share my BEST Valentine making secret ever with you. It's totally the grown-up way to make Valentines. Are you ready?!? Pre-made cards. Not like "I shopped the Hallmark aisle," pre-made cards. These cards are blank, already cut with a matching sized envelope and can be bought at Michael's or Hobby Lobby with your 40% or 50% off coupon, can be found in Target's dollar section, or can be purchased from Amazon. 

If I didn't purchase these pre-made cards, making Valentines would be as brutal of a process as trying to make paper before I could write a letter. Too much precision with scissors. Too many decisions. 

So. Step 1: Buy pre-made cards. 

Now you might be thinking, "I don't have time for that," or "I'm not creative enough to do that," or "I would get frustrated if they weren't perfect and that takes the fun out of crafting for me." I'm here to tell you that they don't have to be perfect, and you definitely don't need to waste time on creativity when the internet holds so many good ideas.

Step 2: Browse the web for good Valentine's ideas. 

Here's my Pinterest inspiration. 

RowHouse14 is my favorite account on Instagram and her Etsy shop is also a great reference! 

Step 3: While shopping for pre-made cards, look for stickers, stamps, and other crafty things that will help you easily put your inspiration onto paper! I love drawing stick figures and hearts, but that's about all I can trust myself to accurately depict. So I often look for stickers that I can use to replicate images that I have seen.

Here are some items that I found this year in the Target dollar section!

Step 4: Brew a pot of tea, put on a movie or a Netflix show to watch and craft away!!

Step 5: Write a punny poem, an elephant sized "I Love you", or the deepest love note ever on the interior. I recommend planning out your words on another sheet of paper or in an app so you don't end up ruining the whole craft when you decide to revise your words. (I've done that too many times to count.)

Step 6: Mail or give out your Valentine's cards and watch everyone respond with sweet surprise that someone made them an old fashioned Valentine!

Also, did you know that USPS makes Valentine's Day stamps?! They are super cute this year! 

Have a blast weekend crafting!!



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