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What I Learned this Winter...

I am linking up with Emily P. Freeman to discuss what we learned this winter. Check out some of the other posts! I really am enjoying them! 

Crockpot Soups are Amazing

I know, I know, all crockpot recipes are amazing. I tend to like more dry foods with varying textures than foods with lots of liquids and moistures - so I don't always love the dump-everything-in-the-crockpot recipes that are go-to's for so many. But soup - I love soup - especially on a cold day when I want to consume something hearty and warm but still healthy. The weeks that I made these soups I ate them 1-2 times a day until there was none left! Forgive me if I've already shared a few of these... 

Southwestern Chili

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Cajun Stew


Sometimes Change isn't Helpful

Once again, there I go stating the obvious. I'm on a roll today! I've attempted to change some aspects of my Bullet Journal this winter because I have been in search of more succinct ways to keep track of tasks and eliminate redundancies. I've since decided that many of the redundancies that I have in my Bullet Journal are part of what help me keep track of all of my thoughts, notes, dates, to do's, and information.

For instance, I've always kept a running to do list for the month and the week, and then at the start of each new month, week, and day, decided what I could feasibly accomplish for that time period by writing it out. Instead, I attempted to use a weekly tracker to check off completed daily tasks such as Bible reading or working out and to keep other to do's in one long, continuous list. THEN I went in search of a new type of notebook to accommodate my new system. 

What was the result? I wasted a lot of time and productivity because this new system simply didn't work for me. I realized that redundancies often help me keep information at the forefront of my mind and choosing what I can feasibly do for each amount of time helps me be more intentional about what I will accomplish each day, week, and month. (However, I am still keeping a tracker for a few things, and I did switch to a dotted journal instead of a lined journal.)

Mindful Eating and Working Out Consume Energy

I've been attempting to work out more consistently and choose healthier foods in a quantity that is best for my body type and goals. Each morning I work out, drink a shake, pack my lunch, and do any necessary dinner prep.... and it takes most of my day's willpower, a decent chunk of my concentration and the majority of my brain space for decision making. Before starting this endeavor, I used to check tasks off my list in the evenings like the energizer bunny on steroids... but now I find that I have about 10% of the brain capacity that I used to have in the evenings! The results are paying off and I am starting to wake up earlier and get more done in the morning before I start the workout and food process... but goodness! I wasn't expecting this at all! For those of you who workout all the time and have asked me how I get so much done... now you know: I wasn't working out and eating well. 

Why I Stress Bake

Perhaps my favorite conversation from this winter was when a friend cautiously asked: "Do we need to talk about the baking?" She had good reason to ask, I had been baking by the - well, I don't know what to even measure it by - I was baking a lot. The evening before she asked, I had sent her a video with every conceivable square millimeter of counter top or balancing space in my kitchen covered by a cooling or drying sweet. 

I thought about her question - and finally responded: "Well, I don't actually stress bake to eat the goodies. I made an entire batch of cookies last night and still haven't eaten one. And I've only had two no-bake cookies because I needed to test the consistency... I think I stress bake to do something with my hands." The more I've thought about it, the more I've realized that this is true - sometimes, I just want to process all of my thoughts while my hands are busy. Since this conversation, I've taken to coloring and have spent more time playing the piano... because no one needs that many baked goods... 

What have you learned this winter? I would love to hear about it! 

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