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Solutions that Stick - Daylight Savings Edition

Photo Credit: Morgan Sessions

Photo Credit: Morgan Sessions

Have you ever felt like your short term goals have been significantly altered by a situation or an event that shouldn’t be that big of a deal?

I have. It’s called Daylight Savings Time. Of course, I’m being slightly dramatic, but every year it throws me off in major ways. 

This year, I was just beginning to feel on top of things with a great morning wake up time and routine. I had been watching the sun rise every day for about two weeks with my Bible and cup of tea in my hands when DST hit hard. 

It’s amazing what one small hour of change can do to our bodies and our internal systems. I find myself working later because the light shifts differently in my office, eating later, and looking at the clock to see if I need to start getting ready for bed well past when I should have actually been in bed. 

I loved the routine that I had down previously, and so I am making small efforts to get back to it despite seemingly ancient customs attempting to smite me. 

Here’s a few things that are helping me get settled back into the routine that I want: 

1. The iPhone's new bedtime feature. 

With the help of this new feature, you can program your phone in under two minutes to remind you when to go to bed each night and to sound an alarm at the same time on whatever days you choose. Normally I’m pretty aware of the passing of time and am usually accurate within 15 minutes of when I need to be heading towards bed, but the time change means this built in feature of mine is an hour off! My phone reminding me that bedtime is 30 minutes out is perfect way to help me reset myself. Read more about this new feature here

2. The Kettle. 

I’ve always been an advocate of making my tea quickly after I wake up, but sometimes I will read my Bible first. For the first few days after the time change, I would eventually drag myself out of bed and transition to my comfy seat to read my Bible, only to be woken up an hour later by my husband. He put the kettle on after waking me up one morning, and I instantly knew he was a genius.

I won’t fall asleep if the kettle is on because I’m scared all of the water will boil out and burn my kettle. So I will do whatever it takes to stay awake while the water is boiling (sometimes even pacing the kitchen). Then after pouring my tea and beginning the steeping process, I set a timer to ensure that I don’t over-steep my tea. If I put the kettle on before I hit my comfy spot with my Bible, I will manage to stay awake!

3. Schedule Backwards

I historically feel like I have to get every little task accomplished before I can do my most important work. The problem with this is that I never actually get any of the things I think are most important accomplished. So I’m working hard to change that! What I know about myself is that if I start doing things that I love, like reading, writing, playing the piano, I’m not likely to stop. Yet if I begin my day with the things that must be done, like my workout, meal prepping, or the laundry, each of those things carry me away on their time consuming wings of unstoppable-ness. So I have begun to schedule my days backwards.

I start with the time that I need to leave the house for work, then subtract a realistic shower and getting ready time, then subtract a realistic workout time, then subtract the amount of time it will take me to prep my lunch or do anything small that must be done before leaving the house. Whatever is left between that final time and my wake up time is how long I have to do the most important things.

I’ve found that I often won’t get out of bed or will waste time if I am not looking forward to what must be done first thing each day. Moving my morning around so that I can conquer the most enjoyable & important things first helps me feel a little more eager to start each day.

Do you struggle with Daylight Savings Time? What solutions have most helped you overcome it’s strange effects on your life? 

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