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A Project Revisited: Magazine Organization


A year ago, when I was working to create more space in my office, I realized that I was saving tons of magazines simply because I liked one or two things in each of them. I decided to create a more space - efficient system to catalog all of these ideas, so I made a cute desk-top filing system to store the magazine clippings and pictures. You can find the details of that process here

Whenever I create and spend money on a new system, there’s always the slight fear that I will abhor it in a year. That didn’t prove true with this one; I still love it! However, as my excitement over the new system wore off, I found that it was a bit more challenging to keep up with the cataloging. So that needed a system too!

This was my stack of magazines and catalogs that needed sorting after the holidays: 

I’ve found that the best fix for the ever mounting pile waiting to be read and then sorted is to keep a magazine in my car, in my book bag, on my coffee table, on my nightstand, or all of the above. When I have downtime where I don’t want to read a book, flipping through pages of a magazine is a much better alternative for my brain than endlessly scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram. I simply dog ear the pages of images and articles I want to save and set the magazine on my desk when I am done with it. Later when I am processing mail and other filing, I tear out the page, label the picture, and file it away!

When I originally created this system, I slightly wondered if I would ever reference the clippings. I have since found myself returning to them for recipes and style ideas time and again. I am about to decorate a new home and I am glad I’ve been saving these ideas! I was recently asking someone for insight on decorating and they asked me to send them pictures that help "define my style.” It was a relief to know that I already had those pictures set aside.

Overall this system has proven to be a mainstay for storing creative ideas! Are you a magazine keeper? How do you keep your ideas in order? I’d love to hear about it!

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