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Favorite Things for Mama & Newborn

Hey Y'all! First, let me introduce Baby Joshua Robert McCoy to the blogosphere. He was born on March 31st and has more of my heart than I ever thought possible! These big alert eyes are still making me swoon hourly. I can't believe I get to call him mine!


When I was planning out my registry, I asked other moms to share some of the products and things they couldn't live without. After six weeks of this newborn thing, I now have a list of my own and wanted to write it down so I wouldn't forget it! I figured I might as well share it here for those of you who are preparing for your own little ones!

For Baby:

Cloud Island Sleep N Plays - Joshua absolutely hates to be cold. Every time I say that people give me a skeptical eye. I've had a few medical professionals come back and say, "You're right. He really doesn't like being cold, does he?!" These Sleep N Plays  are the best because they have an inverted zipper - instead of the zipper starting at the feet and closing up to the top, it starts at the top and closes down to the bottom - allowing kiddo's torso to stay zipped up and warm during diaper changes!

Burp Cloths - These have the perfect level of absorbency and are also the perfect size!

Muslin Blankets - We have several brands including Aiden & Anais and Cloud Island - I love how soft they all ended up being after a few washes! Muslin blankets are thin, and I feel like the kiddo can breathe through them if I happen to miss that he has burrowed himself under a blanket. They are also a great size for swaddling. (The easiest technique? Fold 1/3 of the blanket down and then wrap/roll the kiddo in it, keeping the shoulders tight. Then fold the excess at the bottom under him.)

Solly Baby Wrap - I was shocked by how much cloth and how thick the Moby wrap is. The fabric on the Solly Baby is thin and soft and the wrap is super easy to use. I watched this tutorial video a few times and have been baby wearing like a champ ever since!

Wash Cloths - Someone gifted these to me and they are the best. They are super soft and absorbent and the pack of them is huge. I never dreamed I would need so many baby wash cloths but I use them all the time. These are also wonderful for cleansing super sensitive breasts because they are so soft! 

Changing Pad Liners - We started out with three of these and then ordered more within the first week! They sit on top of your changing pad cover so that you aren't constantly changing and washing the cover when accidents happen! My husband also raves about them!

Pack N Play with Bassinet & Changing Table - We have a two story house and we set this up in our living space so that we weren't running up and down the stairs to change diapers and so that Joshua can nap near us if we are in our living space. We didn't have this set up the first week or so - and goodness gracious has it EVER made the difference. I will be seriously bummed once he outgrows it!

For Mama: 

Nursing Nightgowns - These nursing nightgowns from Gap are amazing. They are comfy, attractive, mostly modest and I practically lived in them for the first month. I recommend sizing up from your normal fitted size. I also wore this one during pregnancy and have continued to wear it after - it is also great for nursing, but not convenient for pumping.

Panache Nursing Bras - I picked some of these up from a local lingerie store and I am head over heels for them. They are pretty instead of solely utilitarian. This brand even makes a nursing sports bra!

Bathrobe - I love that this bathrobe has multiple ways to ensure that it stays closed! This was super helpful when I had family around and I usually keep on hand throughout the day in case I need to quickly answer the door in the midst of nursing!

Handsfree Pumping Bra - I ordered this from Prime - One Day while I was still in the hospital - I have one thing to say - it's a sanity saver. 

What were some of your best mothering finds? I'd love to hear about them!

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