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What's Saving My Life Right Now - February 2019


This morning Joshua and I went to the pediatrician for the seventh time since the week before Thanksgiving. I had heard that winters were a beast for mamas and little kiddos, but I didn’t truly understand that until now.

The winter months are typically a welcome reprieve from the hot Texas summers for this non-native. But many people struggle with the overcast and cold. Every year around this time, bloggers take a cue from Anne Bogel, and write about the ways they are getting through the dark and dreary months of winter.

I’m jumping in to share some things that were a lifeline throughout our very sick January.

She Reads Truth Subscription - When Joshua was about four months old, I realized that I was reading my Bible if I had one of the SRT studies on my kitchen table, and I wasn’t if I didn’t. I’ve buying into the “don’t fix what ain’t broken” logic a decent amount lately. So when I received an email inviting me to subscribe to the studies instead of placing a new order for each new book, I was instantly on board. Once a month a lovely package shows up. It is hands down the highlight of my adventures to the mailbox! There’s always a letter, 1-2 studies, and sometimes even a lovely surprise gift or hand-lettered verse! Through SRT, I’ve enjoyed learning, studying, and resting in the Word as a new mom. That is a treasure.

Cold Calm & Zarbees Agave Cough Syrup - These over the counter meds claim they are safe for infants and have been a blessing for cold relief. I never would have known they existed without other mamas sharing them with me. And so I share them with you! (I am not a medical professional. Please check with your doctor and make sure they are right for your kiddo before using!)

Of Mess and Moxie - I started this audiobook the night before I took my kid to the doctor for the sixth time this winter. He was ill enough for the doctor to send us home with rented medical equipment and instructions to administer 5 medicines somewhere in the range of every three to twelve hours. The hubster was out of town on business, and I felt grim about my prospects for the week. However, I laughed all the way to and from the doctor as I listened to this book. It saved my sanity!

Herbal Tea - After said 6th pediatrician visit, where I was told that I likely had the same illness as my kiddo, I sent my best friend to the pharmacist with a mile long list of questions about nursing and drug interactions. He said no to all over the counter meds for mama, and suggested I use saline liberally and drink copious amounts of herbal tea. I was at a rare loss for words when my friend broke that news. She delivered an armful of new herbal teas, and the kettle has barely had an hour off since. Here’s the ones I keep returning to: Raspberry & Blackberry, Peach, & Wild Sweet Orange

Mama Group Chat - A group chat with three other first time mamas is a lifeline for me these days. I was pregnant with all of them and they are dear to me! I text them my craziest thoughts, and we all certainly pitch all of our medical questions out to each other every time one of our kiddos is sick or ill. 

Outlander - Last year, I participated in a book reading competition with a coworker. We competed by page total instead of completed book total to allow ourselves the luxury of reading longer books. I picked up Outlander at the tail end of 2018 as part of this, and I’m so glad I did. I am wrapped up in the incredible storytelling, crafting of other worlds, and of course, the romance. In the past, I haven’t wanted to read series because I didn’t want my reading life to be stagnant. But in this season of new motherhood and decision fatigue, a long storyline has been a welcome relief.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - After I wave all the red flag warnings at my readers because this show is very indecent and uses a significant amount of bad language, I will say that this was just what I needed for a sick week spent on the couch. I watched both seasons in eight or nine days, and it was blessedly funny and lighthearted. 

I believe that is a wrap! Here’s to a hopefully healthier February!

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