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What I Read in August


I still cannot believe that August has come and gone - and now here we are halfway through September!! I didn't expect September to begin to feel like fall around Austin, but the temps in the low 80's and the crisp blue skies have started to create the illusion that fall is on its way. The summers are so hot here, that I look forward to getting outside more as fall bears cooler weather. I also look forward to long Saturday morning dates with my hubby, hot apple cider, and good books! But until those Saturdays arrive, I will continue to enjoy my evening reads by/in the pool! Here's what I read in August: 

Sweeter Off the Vine

I read somewhere a few years ago that most people who read many books include cookbooks in their chosen material. I thought this was interesting and had a couple of cookbooks that I had wanted to read and so I started incorporating them into the mix. In the year that I have been reading cookbooks, I have noticed an increase in both my interest and knowledge of cooking. 

This cookbook certainly did not disappoint; I actually found it quite unique! The author is from the Middle East and uses spices and combinations that I never knew existed. I am not interested in trying most of her recipes at this point in my life. However, I loved learning about unique blends that my western tastebuds would never dream together.


The Power of Full Engagement

One of my favorite bloggers and entrepreneurs, Ashley Brooke Designs, posted some of her favorite business books this summer in this post. I immediately added all of the books to my TBR list! She is successful and fun loving. I have adored watching her business grow over the last couple of years. She also just launched some adorable new office products and phone cases. You should totally check them out! 

I listened to this book in about two days. The authors talk about our four different types of energy: emotional, spiritual, physical and mental. They discuss different strategies for balancing these resources and refueling when you've used them all up. This whole book added definitions and solutions to a concept that I have known to be true in my life: that we only have so much energy to spend in different areas of our lives each day! I highly recommend this book to anyone who has multiple balls in the air. 


Simply Tuesday

I've heard many people talk about this book and have seen a lot of people use the #simplytuesday hashtag on Instagram. I was looking for a good book to listen to and it was available on the hoopla app, so I snagged it. Friends, this is one of the best books I have listened to in a long time. Emily P. Freeman is down to earth, realistic, and real as she talks about seasons of life, transitions, remembering, closure, and everything in between. Her thoughts about being an observer and a slow processor were on point. I want to live my life appreciating the seemingly mundane, because as Freeman says, those are the moments on which the rest of our lives are built. This isn't a book about stopping or slowing down. It is a book that encourages you to value who God has made you to be and appreciate the season of life that you are in. It is a message that is needed by women in this age! 


A Fatal Grace

I read two Inspector Gamache books this month. I am so head over heels in love with this series. Penny's knowledge depth of literature blows my mind every time I pick up these books. I love the way that she incorporates other bookish themes and vibes into these murder mysteries! They are light reads and un-put-down-able!


A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

I was pleasantly surprised by this book! I don't know what I expected, but it definitely far surpassed my expectations! The main character is a bookish little girl named Francie Nolan. This book details her life as a third generation immigrant to the US. The author includes a vast amount of serious issues but manages to add a real life, light tint to them. The style of this book makes it easy to read and enjoyable! I picked it up because It was a book that is typically a high school read yet I never read it. It has also been a book that people have been discussing often in recent months. It's a classic that can be enjoyed by those who love classics as well as those who don't. 


The Cruelest Month

Since I read two Inspector Gamache books this month... the other thing that I am truly loving about these books is the small town in which these murder mysteries are written. The town and the characters that Penny has created reminds me of real places I have lived and people that I have known. I can envision the actual conversations and situations going down. Her writing style makes me feel like I am sitting in the midst of the characters as one of the tribe! If you loved the Mitford series, you would probably enjoy this one as well. 


Introverts in the Church

There was so much to this book. The author covers everything from how introverts probably act in church community, to how introverts most likely feel in church community, to healing in church community, to how to interact in a healthy manner with your church community. As I read this book, I learned a lot about myself and I also considered others as well. I contemplated the different ways I engage fellow introverts and areas where I can grow in helping them to interact well in community. I reminisced on different experiences I've had within the church and gaged a lot of what McHugh discussed on my own experiences. I highly recommend this book to introverts and extroverts alike! I think it is a great read for any person who is leading or wants to lead a group of people in walking well with Jesus. 



My reading for the month of September was rather diverse. I didn't abandon any books this month, but I did take a few back to the library unopened! What did you read this month? 

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